Mission Kakuma.

Free quality education for refugees, via Skype.

MISSION 2020: our own school!

4 years ago Koen Timmers, a teacher from Belgium, started to teach refugees via Skype. He shipped his own laptop and an internet connection to the Kakuma Refugee Camp. This camp is based in Kenya and is home to 200,000 refugees. They all fled from war and hunger in several African countries.

The Kakuma Project now involves 350 teachers from 65 countries who offer free classes in maths, science and English.

It’s time to take this project to the next level. Will you help?

Our mission.

At the moment, only 20 students can join a live class, leaving hundreds more on a waiting list.

But we want to change that. And we need your help.

In partnership with the Maggie Program, we are building new Innovation Lab Schools. These will be the first of their kind in Kenya although we have already set-up Innovation Lab Schools elsewhere including one in Pugu, Tanzania in collaboration with Jane Goodall.

These new Schools in Kakuma will allow us to increase the amount of Skype sessions and the number of students who can be taught, and train teachers simultaneously, using videos.

We have just shipped our own 2 schools to Kakuma. These innovative buildings will house up to 150 students each:

  • Maggie 1 will be dedicated to the Skype project and teacher training.
  • Maggie 2 will be dedicated to flipped learning via video lessons and training professional programmers.

Will you help?

Group of Kakuma students stood in a group outside, waving at the camera.

Koen Timmers stood outside.With your support, we will be able to educate more children, fight polarisation and employ refugees.

Help us change education and change lives.

Thank you.

Koen Timmers
193.475 $

estimated budget

113.059 $

raised so far

429 voluntary teachers

around the world